PLD Construction is Medfield, Massachusetts go-to home improvement and remodeling company. We only work with the most trusted and highly skilled subcontractors, many Medfield residents themselves, to provide an extensive range of services for your home. We provide on-time, on-budget, and long-lasting renovations, additions, custom builds, cabinetry, and design to help you create the home of your dreams. We will manage your home improvement project or remodel from start to finish, ensuring you get the home you’ve dreamed of at the price you were promised.

Our Home Remodeling Work

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Medfield Home Renovations (Interior & Exterior)

We are Medfield’s premier construction firm for home renovations, both interior and exterior. Whether you want to renovate one kitchen or update a bathroom, or even if you want to remodel your entire home, we have you covered. We ensure that our Renovations are completed to your exact vision. We are committed to presenting you with realistic budgets and timeframes, and unlike other builders, we promise to honor those budgets and timelines. We are dedicated to ensuring that you are up-to-date on your project, have a clear understanding of the cost, and a well laid out timeline. We refuse to spring extra costs or tack on extra days midway through a project.

We complete each renovation to your exact specifications and leave no detail unaccounted for. We use the highest quality contractors and the best building materials to ensure that you receive the highest-end product possible. We work with contractors who are as dedicated to your vision as we are, and will connect with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the ultimate say and control in the project.

Whether you are creating a gorgeous exterior remodel that all of Medfield can see and enjoy, or you’re looking for an interior update that will improve your day to day life, we can help create a beautiful and long-lasting solution that will stand the test of time.

Home Additions in Medfield, MA

As property values and real estate markets continue to climb in the 02052 zip code, many Medfield residents are trying to maximize their current living space. For some, the addition of a bedroom or bathroom can help alleviate the physical constraints that can come with a new family member. For others, an expanding home business can create a need for a new workspace. There are others, of course, who build additions in order to bolster the value of their home and improve the resell value, maximizing their investment. No matter your reason, PLD Construction can help you create the space you need, and do so in a way that is fluid with the rest of your home. We will help you create a space that matches the rest of your house, both in size and shape, as well as design.

No matter what kind of addition you need, and no matter what the reason is, we are here to bring your vision to life.

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Medfield Custom Cabinetry & Millwork

Other home remodeling contractors and builders in the Medfield area believe that big-box store cabinets are good enough for their clients.

We disagree.

We know that high quality custom millwork and built-in cabinetry can be difficult to come by, so we do the work ourselves, ensuring the highest quality product every time. We continue to use the time-honored techniques that have been handed down for generations, and only use high-quality materials. We create gorgeous and unique pieces that are exclusive to your property. We are one of the select few who offer custom cabinetry, trim, or built-ins that are created completely from scratch based on customer needs.

Whether you want us to match existing custom millwork or create something totally unique for any room in your house, we have you covered.

Project Management Services

Home improvement projects can be time-consuming, stressful, and frustrating to manage. For Medfield residents who are already fighting with a busy work schedule, a long commute, or a jam-packed family schedule, trying to fit in a home remodeling project can seem almost impossible. There are critical deadlines to follow, tiny details that can lead to disaster, subcontractors to follow up with, codes that require attention, and hundreds of other moving parts that need to be dealt with on a daily basis. While there are some who are convinced that they are the only people who understand their home and its intricacies, we are here to tell you that at PLD Construction, we will oversee and manage your home improvement project as if it were one of our own homes.

We guarantee that your renovation, addition, or other home improvement project will be fully completed on time, within budget, and true to your vision. Our management services will remove the frustration and stress that can come with any home improvement project. We want to remove the pressure from your shoulders and instead allow you to relax and enjoy life, all while we certify that each stage of your project is progressing properly.

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Design Consultation Services

While Medfield homes might regularly appear in design and lifestyle magazines, that is simply no substitute for sitting down with a real design consultant and creating a real aesthetic plan for your home. Reality television and how-to books might make it seem simple to redesign your home, but the majority of the time, these weekend warrior projects end in disaster.

PLD Construction’s Design Team will never offer generic designs or cookie-cutter templates. We will look at your home, discuss your design vision, and then design something specifically for you that is also cohesive with the rest of your home. Our design consultation services stem from decades of experience in the field, and a deep love and passion for revitalizing Medfield homes.

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