Mass produce cabinets and wood accents are not necessarily unattractive, but they may not provide exactly what you need for your home, especially when it comes to size, style, or color. When remodeling or redecorating your home, you want something perfect, not something almost perfect.

If we cannot find the right cabinets or millwork from one of our suppliers, we will design and build the perfect units for your space. Whether you need one cabinet for your bathroom, or a full set of cabinets for your kitchen, one piece of molding to match accents in your home, or an entirely new and unique look, let us create the perfect piece for your need.

Custom Mill-Work

The molding, trim, and accents in your home are the icing on the cake of your design. You want exactly the right style, size, and color. Sometimes, you just can’t find that from even the best suppliers. We will design custom mill-work to match the style of your home. Even if you do not know exactly what you want, just that you have not found it in any home improvement store, we will work to create the perfect style and design to bring your idea to life.

Custom Cabinetry

Whether you have a unique space that requires special cabinets, or are looking for something built exclusively for your home, we can create the perfect set of cabinetry for your needs. Our built-in cabinets are completely customized and designed to offer both the aesthetic appeal as well as function you’re looking for.

Because you use and look at your cabinets and carpentry accents every day, it’s important to have a design that you love, not something that only comes close. Our custom designs will be specific to you and your home, crafted and built just for you.

Designed to Fit Your Needs and Your Room

We know you don’t want something that fits approximately or which almost looks like what you had envisioned. We take the time to analyze and study your home, ensuring that your built-in cabinets or custom mill-work matches these specifications. Instead of looking ill-fit or awkward, your design fits exactly and looks like it was made for the space—because it was!